Outsource manufacturing services to us

In the health and dietary supplement industry, it is more cost effective for marketers to focus their efforts and capital on marketing and customer service, so leave the manufacturing of the products to contract manufacturers like us! Our knowledge and expertise of the latest trends in the nutraceutical field, combined with years of experience as a supplement manufacturer, will help your products stand out from the crowd. Our dedicated account planners will also work with you throughout the entire product development process – from raw concepts to labels and production.

Step 1. Planning (Ideas and Concepts) 策划 (创意点子和概念)

  • Competitive market analysis and identify good ideas
  • Design product to meet market needs with best margin

Step 2. Formulation (Tailor made for YOUR BRAND) 配方研发 (定制专属您的品牌)

  • Working with leading ingredients suppliers for clinically-proven bioactive ingredients
  • Tailor-make your products to different tastes, aromas, colors, texture and functional properties
  • Identify process and manufacturing specs
  • Produce a small-batch sample to test on the product’s stability and/or efficacy

Step 3. Marketing Supports (Copywriting & Packaging Design) 营销支援(产品文案及设计)

Assistance on:

  • Packaging and label design
  • Leaflets, labelling declaration and nutritional claims to meet local regulations
  • Product registration and exportation such as application of free sales certificate, health certificate, product classification etc.

Step 4. Production (ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP Standards) 生产(符合 ISO 22000, HACCP 和 GMP规格)

  • Products are manufactured according to ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP Standards compliant to the Food Act and Regulations stipulated by Ministry of Health (MOH) and private certification from SIRIM
  • Stringent set of SOPs ensuring GMP quality permeates every aspect of our manufacturing and packaging processes

Step 5. YOUR BRAND product is READY! 专属您品牌的成品